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The First Presbyterian Church of the Berkshire Valley has been faithfully proclaiming the                                                                                            Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving the community since 1803.  In 1825, our forefathers                                                                                              built the church building that still serves as our church home after the original building                                                                                                  was destroyed by fire.  If only it's historic walls could talk, the stories that they would tell!  

For sure, they would tell the story of how this now off the beaten track church was at                                                                                                the center of a busy business district due to the iron ore trade of the area.  In the                                                                                                 1830's the church was said to have been a major point of community with it as the one                                                                                            place that folks of all social positions would gather to hear the Gospel.  In fact, it's been                                                                                    documented that during that period not all attendees would be able to find a seat and                                                                                            would have to remain standing throughout the service along the church walls, in the                                                                                          doorway and at the windows.  

The years of the Civil War in the 1860's were difficult ones for church and its greater                                                                                        community, however, as the nation recovered, so did First Presbyterian Church of the Berkshire Valley.  Records show that the church continued to be actively engaged with its faith as a community throughout WWI, throughout the Roaring 20's, through WWII and well into our modern era.  

At Berkshire Valley we offer everyone the opportunity to strengthen and broaden their faith and to participate in Christian fellowship and service.  We stress being a loving Christian community and growing in relationship with our Creator.  

We love to welcome newcomers and visitors to all of our church activities, and encourage all members and friends to join with us in sharing God's love through the risen Christ.

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