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At First Presbyterian of the Berkshire Valley, there's a strong team who work together to insure that what God has blessed us with, is well taken care of.  

Reverend Dr. Christopher Doyle was called to serve as Shared Pastor at the First Presbyterian Church of the                                                                        Berkshire Valley (BVPC) and the Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church (ORPC) beginning February 2017.                                                                                            Rev. Doyle, who received his Master of Divinity and Doctorate in Ministry from the University of Dubuque Theological                                                          Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa, has served churches in both Iowa and South Jersey before coming to our area. 

Rev. Doyle studied in Jerusalem as both an undergraduate and graduate and then moved a few miles away                                                                              to Bethlehem to work with the local schools there.  While there, he met and married Hala.  Together they                                                                                  have two sons who were both born there.  While living in Bethlehem, Rev. Doyle taught in the Catholic school                                                                              system and then began working at the Bethlehem Bible College, which led him to working in refugee ministry                                                                         and working with the Presbyterian Church, USA.  With PCUSA in the Middle East, he was the facilitator of                                                                               the Hunger Program, which covered projects in both Palestine and Egypt, and then also with refugees on the                                                                        Jordan/Iraqi border.  This work led him to a more formal call to ministry.  In 2005, the family moved to                                                                                  Dubuque, Iowa for him to complete seminary studies and the ordination process.  

He is known to deliver a good sermon that challenges us to learn and consider new ideas and perspectives,                                                                                while forcing us to ask some of the weightier questions of our lives here in God's Creation.  He's also known 

for his devotion to his family and his three dogs that are his constant shadows. 

Family Photo.jpg

Mrs. Sharon Bates is our Clerk of Session and church secretary and keeps everyone well organized and up to date with all that we're to be doing and knowing. Particularly appreciated are her kind reminders.  Sharon has been a member for many years and is the eyes and ears of our local and greater community.  With her husband Robert, they raised their three children in the church.  The welfare of BVPC has always been a high priority for Sharon who knows the church as a family and cares for it as such.  She can usually be found doing something for anyone who needs her help.


Mr. Gerry Bates is a life long member of BVPC and is the property caretaker and cemetery superintendent.              He can be found most days at the church for at least part of the day taking care of some need on our 19 acre                campus.  All of which he takes care of nearly single handedly.  We'd be lost without him!  He is married to Lee.  

Mrs. Pamela Haryn is our church treasurer.  With a long career in finance, she sees to it that the church finances are well cared for so that First Presbyterian Church of the Berkshire Valley's finances are an example of good financial stewardship.

Pam Haryn.jpg

Mrs. Roz Lynch is our church organist and music director and does an amazing job at directing our thoughts toward God with her musical talent, and has for over a dozen years.  Yet more than that, Roz is a big part of what holds BVPC together, she's constantly sharing not just the beauty of her music, but truly cares about the well being of our church family that we all are together.  She's married to Brian who is also an amazing musician in his own right and is generous enough to share his talents with us sometimes too. 

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